These instructions work on most TViP boxes.

Do this:

1. Connect everything and start the box.
2. Choose language and timezone and finish the update of the box to the latest software.
3. The box will restart after the update.
4. Go to Settings and then Network.
5. Write down Mac Adress (Please make sure so it is the same as on your cardboard box you recieved your box in)
6. Go to TV in the left menu and change all settings to this:

Stream Source: Multicast:

UDPXY Server:
MPEG-TS Buffering, msec: 5000
DVR Storage: No storage
Timeshift storage: Internal storage
Auto-timeshifting: Off
Content Source: Web Portal
Below Content Source: Web Portal there is a button that say Setup Web Portal. Push it and input following settings:
Portal URL: Is given when asked for or when ordering a subscription.
Portal Manager: Off
Use Web portal: Whole System
Then push Apply.
NOTICE! Some newer TVs has difficulties to synchronise update frequenzy (Hertz/FPS) with the box and you can then experience non-synced content. This you can solve thru going into Settings - Display and set HDMI Auto Framerate to ON.


Inside a channel:
Looking Glass: Can change language/subtitle (if it is available in the channel) or activate 3D.
MENU: Push on Aspect Ratio to change aspect ratio for example 4:3, 16:9 etc.
Gear: Opens TVIP System Settings

Button furthest down to the left: Can change Aspect Ratio for a channel.

restart the box

push S.INFO 1 9 S.INFO on the remote

To run more portals in TViP you can do the following:

– Gå till TV, höger i menyn

- Select Webportal
- change "portal manager" to ON
- now reboot the box (power off and pull power cord)

Now when the box starts you should be able to add up to 10 portals.

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